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Introducing ENDOR Anti-aging Skincare Products with AuHA™

Perigee Bioscience is introducing a breakthrough skincare technology from ENDOR Technologies® that came out of 11 years of cancer research at the cellular level. ENDOR has developed a novel method of delivering medium length hyaluronic acid (mlHA) into skin. The process involves attaching a shell of mlHA around a 10 nanometer gold particle. The gold-HA complex is called gold-thioethylamino-hyaluronic-acid  or AuHA™. Medium length HA fragments stimulate the endogenous production of long chain HA, increasing hydration, as well as stimulating endogenous production of new elastin and collagen.   This is the only known method of delivering such mlHA into skin transcutaneously.  Clinical studies have verified that AuHA starts the skin healing and regeneration process in about 15 minute. The ENDOR products are dispensed though medical professionals and healthcare providers.

A novel method of delivering hyaluronic acid into skin topically

Hyaluronic acid is produced by keratinocytes in the epidermis and remains in skin and imbibes many time its weight of water to hydrate skin. HA is what draws water from moisturizers into the skin. Topical application of normal HA will remain on the surface of skin and actually pull water out and dehydrate skin! Only very small fragments of HA can penetrate skin, however, they just as easily leave the skin so they provide the same short term hydration as pure water. Nano fragments of HA do not trigger multiple CD44 sites.

Endor Technologies has developed a patented method of bonding hyaluronic acid (HA) fragments  to 10-nm gold nanoparticles. The new substance is called gold-thioethylaminio-hyaluronic-acid (AuHA). The aggregate cluster is 22 nm in size and can easily penetrate the surface of the skin. The extremely high density HA-coating has been clinically shown to trigger multiple CD44 receptors on keratinocytes, which stimulates the endogenous production of new elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. The gold nanoparticles are sloughed out of skin between topical applications and are not retained.

AuHA ia fundamentally new technology and the only known method of transferring high density HA into skin with topical agents. Endor skincare products cantina 3% and 5% AuHA. Tests have shown that the action begins with an hour of application. ENDOR Serums can be used as pre-treatment to non-ablative energy based treatments, ENDOR Lasergen is a post treatment cream that accelerates skin repair, and high quality daily use ENDOR Anti-Aging creams used twice a day are shown to have significant effects within 28 days. To learn more visit Perigee Bioscience.

Register to be a Professional Provider of ENDOR Products

ENDOR Product are only sold through healthcare providers. If you would like to participate and offer these remarkable products to your patients be sure to Register as a Professional Partner on the Perigee Bioscience website . It will give you access to allowing you to provide AuHA solutions to your patients. You can also refer your patients to re-order from the website from your account.  If you have any question or wish assistance with this program please call 844-737-4433 (844-PERIGEE).

Anti-aging Cream

A visible reduction in the appearance of wrinkles is observed as well as an improvement in skin firmness and texture, revealing younger and healthier-looking skin.

54% reduction in wrinkle appearance.
170% improvement in skin firmness.

The study was performed measuring the effectiveness of the product applied morning and night to the face during 28 days. There is a visible reduction in the appearance of wrinkles (up to 54%), an improvement in skin firmness (up to 171%) and a reduction in skin roughness, revealing younger, healthier-looking skin.